Racing Cheetah's

A pair of mobility 'Wetwheels' Cheetah's adapted as media (camera boats) in support of SailGP

  • Large Deck Space

    Our designs create more space than in a monohull of comparable length. This means our boats have a very stable deck and excellent weight carrying capacity, making our boats versatile in use. 

    Twin hulls ensure the Cheetah will sit level when beaching. A self-draining deck offers additional safety especially if you need to beach in the surf. 

  • High Efficiency

    Fuel economy, speed and quietness are paramount in the design of the Cheetah. Our 9.95m x 3.6m Cheetah when powered by twin 80HP Honda has a top speed of over 20 knots and can maintain 15 knots with a 1500kg load onboard. 

    The unique hull design ensures a comfortable and stable ride at high speeds in rough seas. During sea trials Cheetah's have achieved top speeds of over 50 knots (depending on the configuration).

  • Low Hull Resistance

    The shallow draught and low hull resistance of our boats means that planing speeds are reached easily with little or no hump resistance. Our boats cruise in calm or rough weather at intermediate speeds, maintaining a level trim with excellent fuel economy.

    All Cheetahs have been specifically designed with rough weather sea handling in mind. A cushion of water and air forms in the tunnel giving lift and a soft ride in head seas and minimal wake at fast speeds. Straight line in following seas and stable beam sea handling complete the Cheetah experience. 

  • Bespoke Designs

    With over 600 vessels built and on order, we combine your specifications with our knowledge and experience resulting in a vessel that suit your needs and functional requirements.

    Commercial fishing vessels represent approximately 35% of customer orders, with the remaining sales split between governmental organisations (such as environmental research survey boats, patrol boats), Hydrographic survey boats, trip boats (motor transport) and leisure customers.

Our Innovation

With over 30 years of experience and over 600 boat deliveries; we lead the market with our hull designs.

In 2021 Cheetah Marine has launched a new 100% electric range including vessels which are ASV (autonomous) ready, powered by twin eletcric outboards (a joint venture project) with an optional hydrogen fuel cell (range extender). 

8.9m x 3.4m Cheetah-e
With twin 210Nm 115kW outboards 
11.5m x 4.3m Cheetah-e
With twin 270Nm 130kW outboards or twin 320Nm 145kW outboards

Explore Our Range

Catamaran Range

Choose from our Standard Base Designs or create a Bespoke version with our chief designer. Our catamarans are available from 6.9m to 11.5m in length to suit a number of different applications such as Charter, Hydrographic Surveys, Patrol, Commercial Fishing or Leisure.

Cheetah-e Series

2021 Innovation sees the launch of a new 100% electric range christened the Cheetah-eAvailable in either a 8.9m & 11.5m vessel as standard, which can be configured with both batteries and a Hydrogen Fuel Cell as a range extender through integration with a common bus as well as full PV array roof

Catamaran Rib

Launching in 2023 will be our all new powerful Cheetah Catamaran Rib which can be built as a utility or high end leisure configuration. Powered by either twin conventional gasoline outboards or with the environment in mind with twin 100% electric outboards.

Our Feedback

7.9m Galloper is demonstrably the most space-efficient survey craft available on the commercial market.

Showcase up to six testimonials to build trust with potential customers.

‘Without doubt, this vessel will provide us with an even greater capability and capacity for our work.

To have this much confidence in a boat makes our job so much easier. A Really well built boat.

The powerful Cheetah X-Cat really stands out from the crowd with her modern, stylish graphics and massive deck space… 

Cheetah Catamarans are renowned in the commercial  world where time at sea is dictated by the weather conditions a boat can operate in.