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11.5m x 4.3m (beam) Cheetah Marine

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11.5m x 4.3m (beam) Cheetah Marine

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The of the 11m series was was to design a larger, more practical style catamaran which would deliver both refinement and functionality for both leisure and commercial applications. The 11.5m model can be operated as a 100% electric vessel with hull mounted batteries and powered by 100% electric outboards with an optional PV array. 

Deep high volume semi symmetrical planing hulls create the foundation for a high capacity and versatile craft. the large deck can be customised to have seating for day trips, fishing applications or an open plan deck for carrying boards and diving equipment. 

The open plan wheelhouse, available in a choice of lengths is the perfect environment for a range of applications from commercial workboat to private leisure use.

The 11.5m Series is manufactured in our Portugal facility for all global orders. 

Length 11.5m
Beam 3.7m
Draught 0.4m (min)
Gunwale height 0.7m
Deck space 5.2m (with 2m cab)
Wheelhouse space 1m to 3.5m long
Foredeck 3.0m
Max engine power 2 x 300hp


Our 11.5m Cheetah is powered by the new Honda 225hp V6 engines producing top speeds of 37 knots at 5500rpm. Efficient cruising at 18-20 knots at 3500rpm consumes around 20 litres per hour per engine. This equates to around 2 litres per mile whilst covering around 20 miles in an hour.

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