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11.5m x 4.3m (beam) 'Cheetah-e' (100% electric⚡️)

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11.5m x 4.3m (beam) 'Cheetah-e' (100% electric⚡️)

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11.5m x 4.3m Cheetah-e
2x 900v 180kw battery packs. Twin 320Nm 145kW outboards - Target Range 100Km+

PV Array

Each Cheetah has an option of either partial, full solar roof (full deck coverage)  as an optional extra The PV Array is to power onboard 12v/24v services or to be used as trickle charge when the vessel is idling or not in use. 

Hydrogen Cell and Autonomous Use

All cheetah models can be Hydrogen Fuel Cell ready via integration onto the common bus and ASV ready. 

User Interface

All systems come with a range display coupled with GPS (live feed) which can be customised for the operator which can have “waypoints” uploaded. This provides the operator with warnings on when to return to shore, duration based on current power output (speed and conditions) and other key performance data. 


It is currently estimated, that each Cheetah configuration will provide at least 50km of range of course depending on the final loading of the vessel, operating speeds, sea and win conditions. Cruise speed recommendations are 18-20 knots. 

IP Protection

IP protection exists on the software integrating the vessel and all components, battery design and motor controls. 

Battery Key Notes

The batteries are water cooled through a sea water heat exchanger, and are bench tested prior to installation in house and are constructed using maritime approved components and techniques. All battery packs/modules are fully sealed from sea water and have dry quick disconnects allowing easy maintenance on the system. 

Thermal Management

The entire system is fully thermally managed through the software, and the battery packs can be designed and integrated based on the user case parameters of vessel operation. 

Each system comes with one year hull warranty years warranty and manufacturer's warranty (EV MARINE) of two years on the propulsion system, batteries and integration components. 

Contact us to build out your Cheetah-e based on your range and endurance requirements via: sean@cheetahmarine.co.uk